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Sunstone Tumble Stone Pack of 5 (Self Esteem & Confidence)

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Sunstone Tumble

Sunstone Tumbles is believed to provide emotional healing benefits, such as calming anxiety, reducing stress, and promoting self-confidence. It can be used to help heal emotional wounds and promote a sense of inner peace.

Benefits Of Sunstone Tumble

  1. Enhancing Joy and Happiness: Sunstone is said to promote joy and happiness, promoting a positive outlook on life and helping to alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety.

  2. Boosting Energy and Vitality: Sunstone is believed to boost energy levels and promote vitality, promoting physical and mental stamina.

  3. Enhancing Creativity: Sunstone is said to enhance creativity and inspiration, promoting artistic expression and helping to overcome creative blocks.

  4. Promoting Leadership Qualities: Sunstone is said to promote leadership qualities, such as confidence, assertiveness, and self-esteem. It can be used to enhance decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

  5. Promoting Abundance and Prosperity: Sunstone is believed to promote abundance and prosperity. It can be used to attract success and wealth into one’s life.

Overall, Sunstone is a versatile and powerful gemstone that can be used in many different ways to promote healing, balance, and spiritual growth.

How To Use Sunstone Tumble?

  1. Carry Sunstone Tumble with You: You can carry Tumble with you throughout the day to enhance your joy, boost your energy levels, and promote leadership qualities. You can keep it in your pocket or wear it as a piece of jewelry.

  2. Use Sunstone Tumble in Energy Healing: Sunstone can be used in energy healing to promote physical and emotional healing, balance the chakras, and enhance the flow of energy throughout the body. It can be placed on specific areas of the body or used during meditation or energy healing practices.

  3. Place Sunstone Tumble in your Home or Workspace: Place Tumble in your home or workspace to promote a sense of joy and happiness, boost your energy levels, and attract abundance and prosperity. It can be placed in a central location or in the room where you spend the most time.

  4. Combine Sunstone Tumble with other Stones: Sunstone can be combined with other stones and crystals to enhance their energy and properties. It can be placed on a crystal grid or used in combination with other stones during meditation or energy healing.

  5. Use Sunstone Tumble for Creativity: Sunstone is believed to enhance creativity and inspiration. Sunstone can be used to promote artistic expression and to help overcome creative blocks.

Remember to cleanse and charge your Tumble regularly to ensure that it is functioning at its highest potential. You can cleanse it by placing it in sunlight or moonlight, or by smudging it with sage or palo santo. Charging it can be done by setting an intention for the crystal and visualizing it being charged with energy.

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