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Black Tourmaline Crystal Sphere (Protection)

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Black Tourmaline Crystal Sphere

A black tourmaline crystal sphere is a remarkable tool for spiritual and energetic work, renowned for its potent protective and grounding properties.

Benefit’s Of Black Tourmaline Crystal Sphere:

Black tourmaline crystal spheres offer a variety of benefits, both energetically and spiritually. Here are some of the key benefits associated with working with a black tourmaline crystal sphere:

  • Protection: Black tourmaline is renowned for its powerful protective properties. When shaped into a sphere, its protective energy radiates in all directions, creating a shield around the user or the space it occupies.
  • Grounding and Stability: Black tourmaline is deeply connected to the earth element and is known for its grounding energy. Using a black tourmaline crystal sphere can help anchor you to the present moment, providing stability and support during times of stress or anxiety.
  • Energetic Cleansing: Black tourmaline has the ability to absorb and transmute negative energy, making it an excellent crystal for energetic cleansing. When used in a sphere form, it can cleanse the aura and environment more effectively by emitting its purifying energy in all directions.
  • Spiritual Growth: Black tourmaline is often used in spiritual practices to enhance spiritual growth and development. Its grounding energy helps to facilitate a deeper connection with the earth and the spiritual realm, promoting inner wisdom, intuition, and spiritual awareness.

Overall, black tourmaline crystal spheres are versatile tools for protection, grounding, and spiritual growth.

How To Use The Black Tourmaline Crystal Sphere?

Using a black tourmaline crystal sphere is a personal practice, and there are various ways you can incorporate it into your daily routine to benefit from its properties. Here are some suggestions on how to use a black tourmaline crystal sphere:

  • Environmental Cleansing: Place the black tourmaline crystal sphere in areas of your home or workspace where negative energy tends to accumulate, such as near electronic devices or in high-traffic areas.
  • Chakra Balancing: Use the black tourmaline crystal sphere to balance and align the chakras, the body’s energy centers. You can place the sphere on each chakra individually or roll it over the body to promote overall balance and harmony on all levels.
  • Meditation: Incorporate the black tourmaline crystal sphere into your meditation practice by holding it in your hands or placing it in front of you.
  • Energy Work: Use the black tourmaline crystal sphere during energy healing sessions or Reiki treatments to cleanse and balance the energy field.

Remember to cleanse and recharge your black tourmaline crystal sphere regularly to maintain its effectiveness.


Length – 4 cm | Width- 4.5 cm | Height – 3.8 cm | Weight – 220Gr(Approx)

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