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Amethyst & Clear Quartz Crystal Tree (Calming & Stress-Relief)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
The Amethyst & Clear Quartz Crystal Tree. This stunning piece combines the soothing energy of amethyst with the clarity of clear quartz, bringing harmony and…

Amethyst Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Clarity of Mind & Focus)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
Amethyst Tree is a form of healing crystal made by attaching purple amethyst gemstones to a wire frame or a tree-shaped branch. Amethyst is a…

Black Tourmaline Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Protection From Negative Energy)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
The Black Tourmaline Tree is a powerful tool for those interested in holistic healing practices, feng shui, and energy protection. It is a beautiful and…

Citrine & Clear Quartz Crystal Tree (Spiritual Protection & Clarity)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
Elevate your space with our Citrine & Clear Quartz Crystal Tree. A harmonious fusion of prosperity and clarity, this captivating piece brings positive energy and…

Citrine Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Abundance & Prosperity)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
Citrine Tree is a form of healing crystal made by attaching yellow Citrine gemstones to a wire frame or a tree-shaped branch. Citrine is a…

Clear Quartz Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Energetic Protection)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
Clear Quartz Tree is a form of healing crystal made by attaching Clear gemstones to a wire frame or a tree-shaped branch. Clear Quartz is…

Green Aventurine Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Attracts Prosperity)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
The Green Aventurine Tree is more than a mere object of beauty; it's a potent symbol of the vibrant energy that surrounds and fills us,…

Green Jade Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Luck & Fortune)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
Green Jade is a popular gemstone in crystal healing due to its perceived healing properties. It is believed to bring balance and harmony to the…

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Spiritual Growth)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Tree can be a potent tool for reflection. Its presence helps to deepen the meditative experience, guiding the mind to explore the…

Money Magnet Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Positive Energy Flow)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
Perfect for homes and offices, this exquisite piece combines aesthetic appeal with feng shui principles to enhance wealth and abundance. Ideal for meditation, visualization, and…

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Enhanced Creativity)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
The Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Tree, adorned with 300 beads, is a stunning embodiment of mystical beauty and spiritual significance. Rainbow moonstone, revered for its iridescent…

Red Carnelian Crystal Tree 300 Beads (Creativity & Inspiration)

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹599.00.
Red Carnelian Tree is a form of healing crystal made by attaching red carnelian gemstones to a wire frame or a tree-shaped branch. Red Carnelian…

What Are Gemstone Crystal Trees?

A Crystal Trees, sometimes known as a Tree of Crystals, is a special kind of decoration that people love to have in their homes or offices. It's like an artificial tree for decoration, but instead of leaves, it has beautiful stones called crystals or gemstones. These trees are not only pretty to look at but many people also believe they bring good things to the place they are in. Imagine having a small tree on your table or shelf. This isn't a regular tree, but one that is made with shiny and colorful stones. For example, a Citrine Tree has bright yellow stones and many believe it can bring good luck. A Rose Quartz Tree is pink and is often linked with love and friendship. Then there's the Amethyst Tree, with its lovely purple stones, which some people say helps them feel calm and think clearly.

Crystal Tree: Brightening Up Your Space

A Crystal Tree is a lovely, shiny decoration that's great for any room in your house or even at the office. It's like a little tree, but instead of regular leaves, it has beautiful stones that glitter. These trees are not just good to look at but also make people feel happy just by being there. Take the Citrine Tree, for example, with its bright yellow stones; it's known for bringing a cheerful vibe to your space. Or the Rose Quartz Tree, with its gentle pink crystals, often thought to add a feeling of calm and love to the room

Gemstone Tree: A Splash of Color

The Gemstone Tree is a vibrant and colorful addition to any place. Each tree is unique, made with different stones in various colors. There's the Amethyst Tree, with its deep purple stones, which some say can help you relax and think clearly. Then there's the Seven Chakra Tree, full of colorful stones, each representing a different energy center in the body. People love these trees because they're not just beautiful; they're like a piece of nature's artwork, adding life and energy to your home.

Feng Shui Tree: Creating a Peaceful Environment

The Feng Shui Tree is more than just a decoration; it's a way to bring a sense of balance and peace to your environment. It comes from Feng Shui, an ancient practice that helps create harmony in living spaces. These trees usually have different crystals, and each type of crystal can have a special meaning or purpose. For example, placing a Feng Shui Tree in a certain spot in your home might be believed to help improve things like your mood or even your luck. It's a nice way to add a bit of tranquility and positive vibes to your daily surroundings.

Types Of Gemstone Tree

Crystal Trees are really special decorations that come in different types and each one has its own beauty and meaning. The Seven Chakra Tree is full of colorful stones that represent different energy spots in our body, and it's great for feeling balanced and calm. The Citrine Tree, with its golden stones, is popular because many believe it brings good luck with money. If you're looking for love or want to feel happier, the Rose Quartz Tree is perfect because it has pretty pink stones that stand for love and friendship. For those who want to relax and have peace of mind, the Amethyst Tree is a good choice because its purple stones are known for helping people feel calm. Then there's the Feng Shui Tree, which many people like to have in their homes because they think it brings good energy. All these trees, whether it's a simple gemstone tree or a fancy one for decoration, are not just nice to look at. They also make people feel good in different ways, which is why they're special for both art and good vibes in your home. Here Are Some Crystal Trees and Their Benefits

Seven Chakra Tree

The Seven Chakra Tree is a special kind of Gemstone Tree that represents the seven chakras, or energy centers, in the body. Each part of the tree is adorned with different colored stones that match the colors of the chakras. This tree is believed to help balance your energy and bring harmony to your life. People often use it in their homes or meditation spaces to feel more balanced and peaceful.
  • Root Chakra: Red stones for grounding and stability.
  • Sacral Chakra: Orange stones for creativity and passion.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow stones for confidence and personal power.
  • Heart Chakra: Green or pink stones for love and compassion.
  • Throat Chakra: Blue stones for communication.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Indigo stones for intuition.
  • Crown Chakra: Violet or white stones for spiritual connection.

seven chakra crystal tree benefits

  • Balances Energy: Each stone corresponds to a chakra, helping to harmonize your body's energy.
  • Improves Focus: The tree aids in mental clarity, making it easier to concentrate and think clearly.
  • Emotional Well-Being: It's believed to transform negative emotions, promoting a sense of emotional balance.

Rose Quartz Tree

The Rose Quartz Tree is adorned with beautiful pink rose quartz crystals. Known as the 'love stone,' rose quartz is all about love and heart healing. This tree is perfect for those who want to attract love into their lives or for anyone who loves the gentle, calming energy of rose quartz. It's a popular choice for bedrooms or places where people want to feel relaxed and loved.

Rose quartz tree benefits

Encourages Love: Often associated with love and relationships, it's said to attract and strengthen them.
  • Soothing Energy: Provides a calming presence, helping to reduce stress and promote inner peace.
  • Emotional Healing: Believed to aid in healing emotional wounds and fostering self-love.

Amethyst Tree

An Amethyst Tree is a stunning tree that features purple amethyst crystals. Amethyst is known for its calming and protective properties. It's believed to help clear the mind and bring tranquility. This tree is great for spaces where you want to relax, like a reading nook or a meditation area. People who enjoy peace and calm often choose this tree.

Amethyst Tree Benefits

  • Calming Influence: Known for its calming properties, it helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Enhances Sleep: Believed to promote better sleep and relaxation, making it ideal for bedrooms.
  • Mental Clarity: Assists in clearing the mind, supporting improved focus and decision-making.

Citrine Tree

The Citrine Tree is bright and cheerful, decorated with the golden hues of citrine crystals. Citrine is often called the 'success stone' because it's associated with prosperity and success. This tree is a favorite for people who are looking for a boost in their career or finances. It's also said to bring joy, so it's a great addition to any space that could use a little sunshine.

Citrine Tree Benefits

  • Attracts Prosperity: Often linked to attracting wealth and prosperity, making it popular for workspaces.
  • Boosts Positivity: Known for its bright energy, it helps in uplifting mood and fostering optimism.
  • Enhances Creativity: Believed to stimulate creativity and encourage new ideas and ventures.

Other Gemstone Trees

Besides these, there are many other types of Gemstone Trees, each with its unique type of crystal and meaning. For example:
  • Green Jade Tree: A symbol of growth and renewal, often used for bringing prosperity.
  • Tiger Eye Tree: Believed to bring courage and help with decision-making.

Gemstone and crystal tree benefits

Each of these Gem trees are not just a piece of art; they are thought to bring different kinds of energy and benefits to your home or workspace. Whether you believe in the spiritual aspect of these trees or simply enjoy their beauty, a Gemstone Tree can be a wonderful addition to your environment.

Art for Living Room: Enhancing Your Space with Gem Trees

Gemstone and Crystal Trees are not just decorations; they're a form of living art. Placing one in your living room can change the entire feel of the space. They bring a vibrant and inviting energy, creating a focal point that catches the eye. Their natural, artistic touch adds a unique charm, seamlessly blending with your room's decor. Whether it's a quiet corner or the center of your room, these trees infuse life and a touch of nature's beauty into your living space.

Crystal Tree Vastu: Bringing Balance to Your Home

Crystal Trees are not just pretty to look at; they're also great for making your home feel more peaceful. According to Vastu, which is an old way of setting up your home to make it feel good, these trees can help balance the energy in your house. By putting a Crystal Tree in your home, you might notice a nicer, more relaxed feeling in your rooms. It's like having a little piece of nature that helps make everything feel just right.

Artificial Tree for Decoration: Effortless Beauty

If you're looking for a beautiful decoration that doesn't need much care, an Artificial Tree is a great choice. These trees are perfect for adding a stunning touch to any room without the hassle of watering or pruning. They stay looking fresh and vibrant all year round, making your space look lovely with minimal effort. Whether it’s in a corner of your living room or as a centerpiece, an Artificial Tree is an easy way to bring a bit of nature's charm indoors.

Home Decor Art: Complementing Your Interior Style

Incorporating a Gemstone or Crystal Tree into your home decor is a beautiful way to enhance your interior style. These trees blend effortlessly with other art elements in your space, adding a unique and elegant touch. Whether your home has a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional, cozy feel, these trees can complement any decor style. They stand out as a focal point, yet harmonize beautifully with paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces, enriching the overall aesthetic appeal of your living space.

Art and Handicraft: A Testament to Craftsmanship

Gemstone and Crystal Trees are not just simple decorations; they are masterpieces of art and handicraft. Each tree showcases the intricate artistry and skill involved in its creation. Crafted by skilled artisans, these trees represent a blend of creativity and meticulous attention to detail. The careful placement of each stone and the thoughtful design reflect a deep appreciation for both natural beauty and handcrafted art. Displaying one of these trees in your home not only adds a touch of elegance but also celebrates the rich tradition of craftsmanship.

How To Cleanse Gem Tree?

To cleanse a Gem Tree, such as a Citrine Tree or a Rose Quartz Tree, start by gently dusting it to remove any accumulated dust, ensuring not to damage its delicate branches and stones. For a deeper cleanse, especially for those like the Seven Chakra Tree or an Amethyst Tree that are used for their energy properties, you can use methods like smudging with sage, which is believed to clear negative energy. Some prefer placing their Gem Tree under moonlight, especially during a full moon, as it's thought to recharge the stones and enhance their natural properties. Be mindful of the specific needs of each type of tree, like the Feng Shui Tree, which might have specific cleansing rituals according to Feng Shui practices. Regular cleaning and energetic cleansing help maintain not only the physical beauty of your Gem Tree but also its spiritual significance, making it an effective piece of both home decor art and a tool for personal well-being.

Regular Inspection of the Crystal Tree

Begin by regularly inspecting your Crystal Tree. This routine check helps identify if there's any dust buildup or if any of the stones, like those in a Citrine Tree or Rose Quartz Tree, need special care.

Dusting the Gemstone Tree

The next step is to gently dust your Gemstone Tree. Use a soft brush, ideally a feather duster, to lightly clean the branches and the individual gemstones. This is especially important for delicate trees like the Amethyst Tree.

Wiping Crystals on the Feng Shui Tree

After dusting, use a soft cloth to carefully wipe each crystal on your Feng Shui Tree. This step is crucial for trees with specific themes, like a Seven Chakra Tree, as it maintains the clarity and beauty of each stone.

Avoiding Chemicals on the Crystal Bonsai

When cleaning your Crystal Bonsai, steer clear of harsh chemicals. These can damage sensitive stones like those in a Rose Quartz Tree or a Citrine Tree, affecting their appearance and energetic qualities.

Special Care for Different Types of Crystal Trees

Different Crystal Trees, such as the Amethyst Tree or Citrine Tree, might require unique cleaning methods. Pay attention to the specific needs of your tree's crystals for effective and safe cleaning.

Thorough Drying of the Gem Tree

Ensure that your Gem Tree is completely dry after cleaning. Gently pat the branches and stones with a dry cloth, crucial for intricate trees like the Feng Shui Tree or Seven Chakra Tree.

Recharging the Spiritual Crystals

Some people believe in recharging the Spiritual Crystals of their Gem Tree. Exposing the tree to moonlight or sunlight, depending on the crystal type, is thought to refresh its energy, a practice often applied to trees like the Seven Chakra Tree.

Careful Handling of the Crystal Plant

During the cleaning process, handle your Crystal Plant with extra care. The delicate nature of trees, such as a Feng Shui Tree or Rose Quartz Tree, means they can be easily damaged if not treated gently.

Proper Placement of the Crystal Tree for Protection

After cleaning, place your Crystal Tree in a safe location. Proper positioning is key to keeping your tree, whether it's a Rose Quartz Tree or an Amethyst Tree, in good condition and reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

How To Charge Tree Of Crystals?

To cleanse a Gem Tree, such as a Citrine Tree or a Rose Quartz Tree, start by gently dusting it to remove any accumulated dust, ensuring not to damage its delicate branches and stones. For a deeper cleanse, especially for those like the Seven Chakra Tree or an Amethyst Tree that are used for their energy properties, you can use methods like smudging with sage, which is believed to clear negative energy. Some prefer placing their Gem Tree under moonlight, especially during a full moon, as it's thought to recharge the stones and enhance their natural properties. Be mindful of the specific needs of each type of tree, like the Feng Shui Tree, which might have specific cleansing rituals according to Feng Shui practices. Regular cleaning and energetic cleansing help maintain not only the physical beauty of your Gem Tree but also its spiritual significance, making it an effective piece of both home decor art and a tool for personal well-being.

Placing the Crystal Tree in Sunlight

To charge your Crystal Tree, such as a Citrine Tree or Rose Quartz Tree, one effective method is placing it in sunlight. Sunlight is believed to cleanse the energy of the crystals and rejuvenate them. Place the tree where it can receive direct sunlight, but be cautious as some crystals may fade under prolonged exposure.

Moonlight Charging for the Gemstone Tree

Another popular method is to charge your Gemstone Tree, like an Amethyst Tree or a Seven Chakra Tree, under the moonlight. Moonlight is known for its gentle and purifying energy. Leave the tree under the moonlight overnight, especially during a full moon for a stronger effect.

Using Earth Energy for the Crystal Bonsai

For trees like the Feng Shui Tree or a Crystal Bonsai, burying them in the earth can be a powerful way to recharge. Earth’s natural energy is believed to clear any negative energy and recharge the crystals. Make sure to wrap the tree in a cloth and bury it in a safe place in your garden or a pot of soil.

Smudging the Feng Shui Tree

Smudging is an ancient technique often used for cleansing and charging objects like a Feng Shui Tree. Burn sage or Palo Santo and pass the tree through the smoke. This method is said to clear negative energy and refresh the tree.

Sound Cleansing for the Seven Chakra Tree

Sound cleansing, using singing bowls or bells, can be effective for a Seven Chakra Tree. The vibrations from the sound are believed to cleanse and recharge the crystals. Gently sound the bowl or bell near the tree, allowing the vibrations to wash over it.

Using Reiki or Hands-on Energy for the Gem Tree

If you practice Reiki or energy work, you can use these techniques to charge your Gem Tree. Hold your hands above the tree and envision energy flowing into the crystals, rejuvenating them. This method is based on the intention of infusing the tree with positive energy.

Salt Water Soak for the Crystal Plant

A saltwater soak can be beneficial for a Crystal Plant. However, be cautious, as this method is not suitable for all types of crystals. Dissolve sea salt in water and briefly soak the crystals, or simply place them on top of a bowl of saltwater. This method is believed to cleanse and charge the crystals effectively.

Conclusion: Proper Charging for Longevity

Regularly charging your Tree of Crystals, whether it's a Crystal Bonsai, Feng Shui Tree, or Seven Chakra Tree, is essential to maintain its beauty and energetic properties. Choose a method that resonates with you and is suitable for the type of crystals in your tree.

Where To Place Crystal Tree Vastu?

When placing a Crystal Tree Vastu in your home or office, it's important to consider Vastu principles to maximize its benefits. For attracting wealth and prosperity, position a Citrine Tree or Feng Shui Tree in the southeast corner of your space. If you're focusing on love and relationships, a Rose Quartz Tree is best placed in the southwest area. The Seven Chakra Tree, known for promoting overall balance and well-being, can be positioned in the northeast to enhance spiritual growth. Amethyst Trees, ideal for creating a calming ambiance, are well-suited for the study or meditation areas in the west. Remember, the placement of these trees, whether it’s an artificial tree for decoration or a gemstone tree imbued with specific energies, should align with the principles of Vastu Shastra to bring harmony, prosperity, and positive energy into your living or workspace.

Feng Shui Tree in the Wealth Corner

For a Feng Shui Tree, the ideal place according to Vastu is the wealth corner of your home or office. This is typically the southeast corner. Placing your tree here is believed to attract prosperity and financial success.

7 Chakra Tree in the Meditation or Living Area

The 7 Chakra Tree is best placed in a space where you meditate or relax, like your living room. According to Vastu, this helps in balancing the energies of the space and aligns the chakras, promoting a harmonious environment.

Art for Living Room with a Citrine Tree

A Citrine Tree, known for its abundance and prosperity properties, is perfect as art for the living room. In Vastu, placing it in the north-east corner can enhance the positive vibes, making it not just a decor piece but also a Vastu element.

Home Decor Art with a Rose Quartz Tree

A Rose Quartz Tree, known for love and harmony, makes beautiful home decor art. According to Vastu, placing it in the bedroom or the love corner of your home (the south-west corner) can enhance relationships and emotional connections.

Amethyst Tree in the Study or Workspace

An Amethyst Tree is ideal for a study room or workspace. In Vastu, placing it in the west helps in creating a calm and focused environment, beneficial for work and studies.

Gemstone Tree in the Center for Balance

A Gemstone Tree can be placed in the center of your home. As per Vastu, this position is believed to bring balance and positive energy to the entire house, making the tree a central piece of art and handicraft.

Artificial Tree for Decoration in the Entrance

An Artificial Tree for Decoration, like a Crystal Tree Vastu, is best placed near the entrance of your home. According to Vastu, this placement welcomes positive energy and good vibes right at the entrance.

Seven Chakra Tree for Spiritual Alignment

Place the Seven Chakra Tree in a personal space where you practice yoga or meditation. Vastu suggests that this placement aids in spiritual alignment and personal growth, leveraging the power of the crystals.

Crystal Tree Vastu in the Living Area

The Crystal Tree Vastu can be an accent piece in your living area. As per Vastu principles, placing it in a well-lit and prominent part of the living room can energize the space and bring harmony. For more detailed insights into the unique world of Crystal Trees, we invite you to explore our informative blogs. Discover the spiritual and aesthetic benefits in 'Crystal Trees: The Perfect Home Decor for Spiritual Healing' and learn how to elevate your living space with 'Crystal Tree Benefits: Elevate Your Home Decor and Life with This Radiant Accent.' These articles are a treasure trove of information, perfect for understanding the full potential of these mesmerizing pieces in your home.
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