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Green Aventurine Tumble Stone Pack of 5 (Luck & Prosperity)

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Green Aventurine Tumble Stone

Green Aventurine is a beautiful, vibrant crystal that’s known for its glistening, light-reflective qualities. This variety of Aventurine, recognizable by its rich green color, is among the most popular of the Aventurine family.

The green color of the stone is usually due to tiny inclusions of Fuchsite (a variety of Mica) within the quartz. These inclusions give the stone its distinctive sparkle, often referred to as ‘aventurescence’.

In crystal therapy, Green Aventurine is often referred to as the “Stone of Opportunity,” as it is particularly known to attract luck and abundance. It is a great stone to have when embarking on new ventures or seeking fresh starts, making it a favorite among entrepreneurs and adventurers alike.

As a tumble stone, its smooth and comforting texture makes it great for carrying around, incorporating into meditation practices, or even simply using as a decorative piece at home or work. It’s a beautiful way to keep the vibrant energy of Green Aventurine close.

Benefits Of Green Aventurine Tumble Stone

Green Aventurine Tumble Stone has several benefits attributed to it:

  1. Luck and Prosperity: Known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” Green Aventurine is considered to be one of the luckiest crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth.

  2. Emotional Tranquility: This stone is believed to support emotional calmness, helping you to remain patient and to handle life changes with grace and resilience.

  3. Creativity Boost: Green Aventurine is said to stimulate creativity and intellect, making it an excellent stone for artists, writers, and anyone working in a creative field.

  4. Heart Chakra Healing: Associated with the Heart Chakra, it’s thought to encourage a positive life force and balance the energies in this area, promoting emotional well-being.

  5. Physical Health Support: It is also believed to support physical health and vitality, aiding in areas like the lungs, heart, adrenal glands, and muscular system.

Remember, using Green Aventurine, like any other crystal, should be in addition to, not in lieu of, regular medical treatment if you have health issues.

How To Use Green Aventurine Tumble Stone?

Using a Green Aventurine Tumble Stone is simple and you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Carry It With You: One of the easiest ways to use this stone is to carry it in your pocket or purse. This allows you to keep the stone’s positive energy near you throughout the day.

  2. Meditation: During meditation, hold the stone in your hand or place it in front of you. Focus on its energy to enhance your practice.

  3. In Your Workspace: Placing this stone in your workspace can create an environment of calm and creativity. You can put it on your desk or in any place where you spend a lot of time working.

  4. During Sleep: Place it under your pillow before you go to bed. It’s believed to promote calm, peaceful dreams.

  5. As a Part of Your Home Decor: Incorporate it into your home decor. The stone not only adds aesthetic appeal but is also said to bring harmony to your space.

Remember to cleanse your Green Aventurine Tumble Stone regularly to keep its energies clear. You can do this by running the stone under cool water, leaving it out in moonlight, or using a cleansing crystal like Selenite.

Always remember, the effects of using crystals can be different for everyone, so it’s crucial to stay open to your personal experiences.

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