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Green Jade Shree Yantra (Abundance and prosperity)

Using the Green Jade Shree Yantra in crystal healing can help to promote abundance, prosperity, and spiritual growth, while also providing emotional balance, harmony, and…

Green Jade Zibu Coin

Green jade is a gemstone that is believed to promote balance, harmony, and prosperity. It is said to have a soothing and calming energy that…

Rose Quartz Zibu Coin

The Rose Quartz Switch Word and Zibu Symbol Cabochon combines the properties of rose quartz with the energy of switch words and Zibu symbols to…

What Is Zibu Coin?

A Zibu Coin isn't your regular coin; it's made from a crystal. Now, these aren't just any crystals, but 'healing crystals'. They come in all shapes and sizes, boasting different colors, and they are believed to bring good vibes. Just like your favorite superhero has special powers, each type of crystal is thought to possess unique 'powers' or benefits. But what makes Zibu Coins more interesting is that they're not just crystal coins, they come with a special design - a Zibu symbol. If you've never heard of Zibu symbols before, think of them as a secret language with each symbol having its own meaning. These symbols are believed to be messages from angels, discovered by an artist named Debbie Zylstra Almstedt. The Zibu Coin we're talking about is believed to be a money magnet. It's engraved with a Zibu symbol that represents wealth or abundance. So, it's like carrying a small, lucky charm that's there to remind you of your financial goals and aspirations.

Types Of Zibu Coin

Citrine Zibu Coin: Citrine, with its golden yellow hue, is often associated with prosperity and success. A Zibu Coin made from citrine might carry a Zibu symbol for abundance or success, creating a coin that represents attracting wealth. Rose Quartz Zibu Coin: Rose Quartz is a pink stone often linked with love and compassion. A Zibu Coin made from rose quartz could bear a Zibu symbol for love or unity, making it a talisman of affection and harmony. Amethyst Zibu Coin: The purple-colored amethyst is believed by some to help with protection and purification. A Zibu Coin made from amethyst might be engraved with a Zibu symbol for protection or cleansing, serving as a token for warding off negative energy. Clear Quartz Zibu Coin: Clear Quartz, often called the "master healer," is said to amplify energy and thought. A clear quartz Zibu Coin could bear a Zibu symbol for healing or clarity, making it an emblem of positivity and enlightenment. Black Obsidian Zibu Coin: Black obsidian, a strongly protective stone, is often used for shielding against negativity. A Zibu Coin made from black obsidian might carry a Zibu symbol for protection or grounding, serving as an amulet for personal defense. These are just a few examples. The type of Zibu Coin and the symbol chosen can be customized based on personal preference or the goal the individual wishes to achieve.

Benefits Of Zibu Coin

Here are some benefits often associated with Zibu Coins: Promoting Positive Energy: Crystals are believed by many to emit certain energies or vibrations. When combined with the positive intentions embodied by Zibu symbols, these coins can be seen as tools for attracting positive energy. Symbolic Reminders: Each Zibu symbol carries a unique meaning, such as love, healing, or abundance. Having a Zibu Coin can serve as a daily reminder or affirmation of these qualities or intentions. Enhancing Meditation: Some individuals use Zibu Coins in their meditation practices. The crystal's energy, combined with the coin's symbolic meaning, can help focus thoughts and intentions. Aiding Emotional Healing: Certain crystals, like rose quartz or amethyst, are often associated with emotional healing. A Zibu Coin made from these could serve as a comfort tool during difficult times. Attracting Abundance: If the Zibu Coin is crafted with a symbol related to wealth or success, it could be used as a token to attract abundance or prosperity. Protection: Some believe that certain crystals, like black obsidian, and certain Zibu symbols can offer protection from negative energies.

How To Use Zibu Coins

Here are a few general ways to use them: 1. Carry it with You: Many people carry their Zibu Coins in their pocket, purse, or bag. This way, the coin serves as a constant reminder of the positive energy it represents, whether that's love, abundance, protection, or healing. 2. Meditation: Zibu Coins can be incorporated into meditation practices. Hold the coin in your hand, focus on the symbol, and reflect on its meaning as you meditate. 3. Place it in Your Environment: You can place Zibu Coins in specific areas in your home or workspace where you'll see them regularly. For instance, if your coin symbolizes abundance, you might place it near your workspace to attract wealth and success. 4. Use as a Focus Tool: When faced with challenges or in need of inspiration, hold the coin and focus on its symbol and what it represents to you. This can provide a sense of peace and direction. 5. Sleep with it under your Pillow: Some people believe that sleeping with the coin under their pillow can help infuse their dreams and subconscious with the coin's positive energy. Remember, while Zibu Coins carry a specific meaning for some, their effects are largely symbolic and personal.

How To Cleanse And Charge Zibu Coin

Cleansing and charging a Zibu Coin is similar to handling other types of crystals or gemstones. Here's a simple guide to help you: Cleansing: This process is believed to remove any negative energy the coin may have picked up. There are several methods for cleansing, but one of the most common is to use smoke from sage or incense. Pass your Zibu Coin through the smoke a few times with the intention of cleansing it. Another method is to place your coin in a bowl of sea salt or on a selenite plate for 24 hours. Charging: After cleansing, you'll want to "charge" your coin, which is believed to replenish its energy. The most popular method is to leave the coin in natural light. You can place it in direct sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. Some people prefer moonlight, as the sun can fade certain crystals over time. Setting Intentions: Once your Zibu Coin is cleansed and charged, hold it in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize your intention for the coin - what you hope it will help you with. This step personalizes the coin and aligns it with your specific goals or needs.
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