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What Is Onyx Crystal?

Onyx is a type of special stone that falls under the quartz family. It has a shiny, smooth look and is often found in black or black with white stripes. The bands or lines of white can be thin or thick, and each piece of onyx is unique, just like a fingerprint. Black Onyx, in particular, is well-known for its strong and protective qualities. Imagine it as a personal bodyguard that gives you a boost of bravery during tough times, helps you make wise decisions, and keeps you calm and focused. Some people also like to wear Onyx jewelry like bracelets or necklaces, as they feel it gives them added strength and control in their lives. But remember, everyone's experience with Onyx is unique – it's a personal journey. While Onyx carries a lot of symbolism and history, its effectiveness depends on your personal belief and connection with the stone. It's not a replacement for any professional advice or help you might need. Enjoy your journey exploring the world of crystals!

What Are The Healing Properties And Benefits Of Onyx?

Boosts Emotional Strength and Self-Confidence: Onyx promotes self-confidence. It assists individuals to face their fears and feel more secure in their environment. Aids in Decision Making: Onyx is a stone of wisdom. It assists in clarifying thoughts and decisions, providing guidance when it's needed most. Promotes Grounding and Stability: Onyx has grounding energy that helps maintain a balanced and centered state of mind, enhancing connections to the physical world. Strengthens Mental Focus: Onyx improves concentration and focus. It's a useful tool for students, academics, and anyone involved in demanding mental work. Supports Physical Health: Onyx is said to enhance the immune system, assist with bone and teeth disorders, and help treat skin ailments. Promotes Personal Growth: Onyx encourages personal development and self-realization. It assists individuals in realizing their full potential. Fosters Healthy Relationships: Onyx improves personal relationships by encouraging mutual understanding and promoting harmony. Wearing Onyx as jewelry or having it in your living space can be a significant positive influence on your journey toward better emotional and physical well-being.

Where To Buy Authentic Onyx And In Which Forms They Are Available?

At Crystal Divine, we offer a range of authentic Onyx pieces that you can choose from. Whether you're shopping online or prefer to make your purchase in-person, we've got you covered. We deliver all across India, so it doesn't matter if you're in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai or any other city - we bring your chosen crystal right to your doorstep. For those who like to see the crystal in person before buying, you're most welcome at our store located at Grant Road, Mumbai. Here are some forms in which our Onyx is available: Onyx Angels: Beautifully crafted figurines that serve as a constant reminder of the crystal's properties. Onyx Bracelets: A fashionable way to keep the healing energy of Onyx close to you throughout the day. Onyx Clusters: Perfect for placing in your living space or meditation area for a constant flow of the crystal's energy. Onyx Palm Stones: Ideal for meditation and setting intentions, these stones can be held or placed directly on the body. Onyx Pendants: A beautiful way to carry the crystal close to your heart throughout the day. Onyx Spheres/Balls: Ideal for balancing energy in your space and aiding in meditation. Onyx Towers: These can be placed in various parts of your home or workspace to amplify the crystal's energy. Onyx Tumble Stones: These are small and convenient, making them perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse. Explore the range at Crystal Divine online or in our store and choose the form that suits you best. We look forward to helping you find your perfect piece of Onyx.
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