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Red Tiger Eye


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Red Tiger Eyes Crystal Bracelet – 8 MM (Grounding & Stability)

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The Red Tiger Eye Bracelet is a striking accessory, known for its captivating bands of rich, warm hues that play with light. …

What Is Red Tiger Eye Crystal?

Red Tiger Eye, also known as Bull’s Eye or Ox Eye, is a stimulating stone that infuses the user with confidence, motivation, and optimism. This stone is typically a dark brown to reddish-brown color with a stunning, silky luster that captures light in its many intricate bands. Red Tiger Eye is a variant of the much-revered Tiger Eye crystal, altered through heat or natural processes to bring out its unique, deep red color. It's admired not only for its physical beauty but also for the vibrant energy it carries. It's a popular choice for people interested in personal growth, energy work, and crystal healing, offering a boost of vitality and strength when it's needed most. Whether you are a collector of beautiful stones or someone who values the energetic properties of crystals, Red Tiger Eye is a delightful addition to any collection.

What Are The Healing Properties And Benefits Of Red Tiger Eye?

Red Tiger Eye is recognized for its numerous benefits and healing properties. Here are some of them: Motivation: Red Tiger Eye is known to inspire motivation, especially for those experiencing lethargy or lack of drive. Confidence: The stone is said to promote self-confidence and self-esteem, encouraging one to believe in their abilities and potentials. Grounding: Just like other Tiger Eye variants, Red Tiger Eye offers grounding energy, keeping you balanced and centered in your life. Passion and Vitality: Red Tiger Eye is recognized for awakening passion and enhancing vitality, providing an energetic boost when needed. Protection: The crystal is believed to provide protective energies, shielding against negative energies and harm. Decision Making: Red Tiger Eye can help in decision making by reducing doubts and providing clarity of thought. Emotional Balance: This stone can help balance emotions and bring a sense of calm and peace in stressful situations. Focus and Concentration: It helps in increasing focus and concentration, making it a beneficial stone for students and professionals. Metabolism and Energy Levels: It's also said to potentially assist in enhancing metabolism and increasing energy levels. Abundance and Prosperity: Many appreciate Red Tiger Eye as a stone of abundance, believed to attract prosperity and good luck. These attributes make Red Tiger Eye a highly sought-after crystal in both spiritual and healing practices. It's important to note that while crystals can complement various aspects of your life, they should never replace professional advice or treatment.

Where To Buy Authentic Red Tiger Eye And In Which Forms They Are Available?

If you're looking to add a piece of Red Tiger Eye to your collection, look no further! Crystal Divine offers authentic Red Tiger Eye crystals that you can easily purchase from our online store, regardless of where you are in India. We offer various forms of Red Tiger Eye, ensuring that you find something that matches your preferences: Red Tiger Eye Bracelets: Wear these on your wrist for a constant reminder of the stone's grounding and protective energies. Red Tiger Eye Pendants: These stylish pendants allow you to carry the crystal's energy close to your heart. Red Tiger Eye Palm Stones: Perfect for meditation or setting intentions, these palm stones are soothing to hold. Red Tiger Eye Tumble Stones: Portable and easy to carry, these stones are ideal for keeping the energy of Red Tiger Eye close throughout the day. Red Tiger Eye Spheres/Balls: Known for balancing energy and aiding meditation. Red Tiger Eye Towers: These towers can enhance the energy of a space, making them great for your home or office. Red Tiger Eye Angels: Beautifully crafted figurines that can be a source of inspiration and positivity. For those who prefer to explore these gems in person before making a purchase, you can visit our physical store located at Grant Road, Mumbai. We ensure a seamless shopping experience, whether online or offline. So why wait? Explore our store today and bring home the vibrant energy of Red Tiger Eye.
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