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Blood Stone Sphere (Creativity & Motivation)

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The Bloodstone Sphere is a unique crystal item, boasting a deep green color with distinct red flecks. These specks of red, resembling drops of blood,…

What Is Bloodstone?

Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is a type of jasper, which is a variety of chalcedony. It's a fascinating gemstone with a rich history and numerous perceived benefits. This stone gets its name from the red spots or streaks that often appear against a dark green background, resembling droplets of blood. The red inclusions are typically made of iron oxide or red jasper. Found in various places worldwide, including India, Brazil, China, and Australia, bloodstone is widely prized for its unique appearance and metaphysical properties. Historically, it was often carried by soldiers as an amulet for protection during battles, due to the belief that it had the power to stop bleeding. In modern crystal healing, bloodstone is highly valued. It is often associated with the ability to provide strength and vitality. It's thought to boost courage, aid decision making, and encourage a healthy blood flow. Bloodstone is also linked with the root chakra, helping to ground and center energy. Whether you're intrigued by its ancient lore, drawn to its distinctive aesthetic, or interested in its healing properties, bloodstone can make a worthy addition to your gemstone collection.

What Are The Healing Properties And Benefits Of Bloodstone ?

  • More Energy: Bloodstone can give you a boost, making you feel more energetic and lively, especially when you're feeling tired.
  • Cleaning Your Body: People connect Bloodstone with the idea of cleaning out harmful things from our body, which can make us feel healthier.
  • Better Blood: As its name suggests, Bloodstone is thought to be good for your blood, helping it flow better and stay clean.
  • Calming Emotions: If you're feeling upset or stressed, Bloodstone might help you feel calmer and more balanced. It can also help you be more understanding and kind to others.
  • Bravery and Good Decisions: Bloodstone is linked with courage and making wise choices, so it might help you when you're facing tough situations or have important decisions to make.
  • Feeling Secure: Tied to spiritual ideas about staying connected to the Earth, Bloodstone can make you feel more safe and secure.
  • Protection: Traditionally, people have carried Bloodstone to protect them from negative energy or harm.
  • Remember, different people might have different experiences with Bloodstone. It can be a helpful part of your routine, but it doesn't replace seeing a doctor or other health professional when you need to.

    Where To Buy Genuine bloodstone And In Which Forms They Are Available?

    If you're looking to buy genuine Bloodstone, Crystal Divine is your one-stop destination. We offer an amazing variety of high-quality Bloodstone in different forms to suit your preference. Here's what you can find in our store:
    1. Bloodstone Palm Stones: These are perfect for meditation or carrying around with you throughout the day.
    2. Bloodstone Towers: Known for directing energy, these towers also serve as a striking decor piece.
    3. Bloodstone Angels: Beautifully carved figures that not only make great decorative pieces but also remind you of the protective energies of Bloodstone.
    4. Bloodstone Bracelets: Wear the healing energies of Bloodstone on your wrist all day with our range of beautiful bracelets.
    5. Bloodstone Spheres: Ideal for meditation practices, these spheres can help you focus your energy.
    At Crystal Divine, we ensure each piece is carefully chosen for its quality and authenticity. Plus, we deliver straight to your doorstep, no matter where you are in India, making it convenient for you to experience the potential benefits of Bloodstone. So, why wait? Visit Crystal Divine store today, and choose the Bloodstone form that resonates best with you.
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