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Evil Eye With Lava Bracelet – 8MM (Grounding & Stability)

Wearing an Evil Eye with lava bracelet not only offers spiritual protection but also promotes emotional balance and well-being. It serves as a tangible reminder…

Lava Bracelet – 8MM (Grounding & Stability)

A Lava Bracelet is a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry, featuring beads made from volcanic lava rocks. These bracelets have a deep connection to…

Lava With Tree Charm Bracelet – 8 MM (Meditation & Mindfulness)

Dive into the essence of nature with the Lava with Tree Charm Bracelet. This bracelet beautifully marries the raw, volcanic power of lava beads with…

What Is Lava Stone?

Lava stone, also known as lava rock or basalt, isn't a crystal in the traditional sense but rather an igneous rock that solidifies from molten lava after conditions of intense heat and pressure. Its origins from deep within the earth give it a strong connection to the earth element, making it a powerful grounding stone. Lava stone is usually black or brown and has a porous surface due to the rapid cooling of its molten form. This unique texture makes it perfect for essential oil diffusers in aromatherapy, as the stone can absorb and slowly release the oils. Interestingly, because of the intense conditions that create it, lava stone symbolizes rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. It's often used in jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces, not only because of its unique aesthetic but also because of the calming and grounding energies it's believed to offer.

What Are The Healing Properties And Benefits Of Lava?

Lava stones or lava crystals, formed from cooling volcanic lava, carry many beneficial properties. Here's what they offer: Grounding: Being born from fiery brimstone that bubbles to the Earth's surface and cools, lava stones have a strong connection with the Earth, providing grounding and stability to the wearer. They help calm the emotions with strong earthy energies. Calming: Lava stones are known for their calming effects. They can help to dissipate anger, provide guidance and understanding, and give comfort and strength during times of change. Energy Transformation: Just like the fire bursting from a volcano, lava stones offer transformative energy. If you're looking for a catalyst to change and to ignite your inner strength, this might be the perfect stone. Rebirth and Renewal: In many cultures, the volcano is a symbol of rebirth and renewal, owing to the new land created after a volcanic eruption. In a similar vein, lava stones can help foster feelings of rebirth, letting go of the past, and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. Enhancing Creativity: With their intense energy, lava stones are thought to stimulate the imagination and to help you to follow your path in life. Physical Healing: Some people believe that the lava stone's energetic properties can promote strength and endurance, making it a great stone for athletes or for those who have physically demanding jobs. Carrier of Essential Oils: The porous nature of lava stones makes them perfect for absorbing and diffusing essential oils. In aromatherapy, a drop or two of your favorite essential oil onto a lava stone bead in a piece of jewelry can provide you with a mini diffuser. Remember, every person connects with stones in different ways. Explore and experience the unique energy and benefits that lava stones offer you!

Where To Buy Authentic Lava Stone And In Which Forms They Are Available?

Interested in owning a piece of lava stone? Look no further! At Crystal Divine, both our online and physical stores offer you authentic lava stones in an array of forms. We cater to everyone across India - be it Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, or any other city. You can surprise a loved one with this unique gift as we deliver directly to their doorstep. If you prefer physically exploring these gems before purchasing, you can visit our store located at Grant Road, Mumbai. At Crystal Divine, we have a variety of lava stone forms available: Lava Stone Bracelets: Wear the energy of lava stone on your wrist. These bracelets often come combined with other stones for enhanced energy. Lava Stone Necklaces and Pendants: Keep the grounding energy of lava stone close to your heart with a beautiful necklace or pendant. Lava Stone Earrings: Add a touch of earthy style to your wardrobe with lava stone earrings. Lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser: Thanks to their porous nature, lava stones are ideal for use as a natural diffuser for essential oils. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a lava bead on a bracelet or necklace. Lava Stone Statues: Sculpted figures made from lava stone can be used as decor and are believed to fill your home or workspace with their grounding energy. Lava Stone Beads: Loose beads can be used to create your own jewelry or in craft projects. These various forms ensure there's something to suit everyone's needs. Explore Crystal Divine's online or in-person store, and bring home the powerful energy of lava stone today!
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