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Picture Jasper

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What Is Picture Jasper Crystal?

Picture Jasper is a remarkable type of jasper, a type of quartz, recognized for its unique, landscape-like patterns. These patterns are formed by silicate or petrified mud and appear as a picture painted with nature's own pigments. This beautiful stone is earthy brown with a myriad of hues, including tan, cream, and even black. The unique patterns and colors make each Picture Jasper piece one of a kind. Often referred to as the "Stone of Global Awareness", it's a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the Earth. It is known to promote feelings of connectedness and responsibility towards the planet, encouraging a need to care for and protect it. Picture Jasper isn’t just a beautiful stone. Its natural beauty inspires creativity and boosts the imagination, making it a popular choice for artists and creative professionals. Each Picture Jasper stone is like a window into a miniature, natural world, and owning one is like having a tiny piece of our beautiful Earth right at your fingertips.

What Are The Healing Properties And Benefits Of Picture Jasper?

Picture Jasper is highly praised for its deep connection to the Earth and its capacity to provide healing in many aspects of an individual's life. Here are some of the key benefits and healing properties associated with Picture Jasper: Emotional Healing: Picture Jasper helps to bring hidden feelings of guilt, envy, hate, love, and thoughts that are normally pushed aside, to the surface. It allows us to understand them and move on. Physical Healing: It is believed to support the immune system and help in the treatment of skin and kidney disorders. Harmony and Balance: Picture Jasper encourages ecological awareness, promoting balance in nature and helping us recognize the need for a sustainable relationship with the planet. Nurturing Energy: Picture Jasper is known for its nurturing energies, providing comfort and alleviating fear, providing security, strength, and healing. Grounding: Like all Jaspers, Picture Jasper is a grounding stone and is especially useful during meditation to merge with the consciousness of the earth. Mental Clarity: This stone can stimulate the mind's imagination, helping to transform ideas into actions. Confidence: It is said to instill a sense of proportion and harmony, courage, and purpose, which helps to boost self-confidence and realize one's potential. Creativity: Known as the Stone of Creativity, Picture Jasper is recognized for its ability to stimulate creative visualization, which can help in the development of business pursuits and enhance hobby skills. Remember, these are traditional beliefs and practices related to Picture Jasper, and they can vary from person to person based on their individual experiences and beliefs.

Where To Buy Authentic Picture Jasper Crystal And In Which Forms They Are Available?

If you're looking to bring the nurturing and grounding energy of Picture Jasper into your life, look no further than our very own Crystal Divine Store. Both our online and physical stores carry a wide range of authentic Picture Jasper products that you can purchase from anywhere in India. Here are the top forms of Picture Jasper you can find in our collection: Picture Jasper Pendants: Carry the grounding energy of Picture Jasper near your heart. Picture Jasper Bracelets: Stay connected to this stone's nurturing energy throughout your day. Picture Jasper Palm Stones: Perfect for meditation and carrying with you. Picture Jasper Spheres: Great for balancing energy and enhancing the decor of your living space. Picture Jasper Tumbled Stones: These smooth stones are easy to carry around, keeping the crystal's energy close at all times. Picture Jasper Angels: Beautiful figurines believed to connect us to higher energies. Picture Jasper Towers: Often used in healing practices to enhance the energy of a space. Picture Jasper Clusters: Stunning decor pieces that are often used for meditation and energy work. For those who prefer to see and feel their crystals in person, you can visit our physical store located at Grant Road, Mumbai. Alternatively, you can shop from our user-friendly online platform that ships directly to your doorstep, whether you live in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai or any other city in India. Get your Picture Jasper today and embrace its powerful energy!
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