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Amethyst Angel (Spirituality and Wisdom)

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Amethyst Angel is believed to help connect with the divine and promote spiritual awareness, intuition, and inner peace. It can be used in a variety…

Black Tourmaline Angel (Protection and Clearing)

300.00 800.00
Black Tourmaline is a powerful protective stone that is believed to absorb negative energy and promote grounding and stability. When carved into the shape of…

Blue Sandstone Angel (Motivation and Protection)

139.00 549.00
The Blue Sandstone Angel is a specific form of Blue Sandstone that has been carved or shaped into the form of an angel. The angel…

Citrine Angel (Joy and Abundance)

249.00 699.00
Citrine Angel is a vibrant and uplifting crystal that is known for its ability to promote abundance, joy, and creativity. When carved into the shape…

Clear Quartz Angel (Master Healer and Amplifier)

139.00 549.00
Clear Quartz is a versatile and powerful healing crystal that is known for its ability to amplify energy and promote clarity and focus. When carved…

Labradorite Angel (Esoteric Wisdom)

139.00 549.00
Labradorite is a mystical and iridescent crystal that is known for its ability to promote spiritual awakening, intuition, and inner strength. When carved into the…

Opalite Angel (Spiritual Communication)

139.00 549.00
Opalite is thought to be a stone of inner peace, emotional healing, and tranquility. It is believed to help with communication, especially in expressing one's…

Pyrite Angel (Wealth and Strength)

139.00 539.00
Pyrite Angel is a highly reflective and brassy yellow mineral that is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is the energy center associated with…

Rose Quartz Angel (Love and Harmony)

139.00 549.00
Rose Quartz is a gentle and soothing crystal that is known for its ability to promote love, compassion, and emotional healing. When carved into the…

Tiger Eye Angel (Action and Motivation)

139.00 549.00
Tiger Eye Angel is a beautiful golden-brown gemstone that is believed to have a range of healing properties. Some people believe that Tiger Eye can…


 Buy Online Natural Crystal Angel for Healing 

Crystal Angels, or figurines made of crystal in the image of angels, are used in a form of energy therapy called Crystal Angel Healing to aid in the physical, emotional and spiritual recovery of the patient. According to this theory, each form of crystal has certain healing abilities that can be enhanced when molded into an angel. In a crystal angel healing session, the healer may place crystal angels in or on the client's body to balance and cleanse their chakras, release trapped energy, and encourage relaxation and inner peace. The use of crystal angel healing is common in place of conventional medical care or as a stand-alone holistic therapy.

It is said that using natural crystal healing angels can facilitate people's spiritual growth, inner serenity, and harmony. It is stated that the crystal angels may assist balance and cleanse chakras and expel bad energy by being placed on or near the body. The benefits of meditation with natural crystal angels for healing include increased energy and vitality, better sleep, relaxation, and inner peace.

Amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz are some of the popular crystal varieties used to craft natural crystal angels for healing. The healing potential of each variety of crystal is said to be different. It's critical to select the ideal crystal angel for your requirements and to take good care of it by frequently washing and charging it.

Overall, natural crystal angels for healing offer a unique and mystical way to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

The first crystal angels are thought to have been made in the early 2000s by Marcos and Marcia, a Brazilian couple who ran a modest crystal business. To make use of leftover crystal fragments, the pair began crafting crystal angels, which immediately gained popularity with their clients for their distinctive and ethereal qualities.

Crystal angels are now a common instrument for energy healing and chakra balancing as their usage in complementary medicine and spiritual practises has grown since that time. The form of an angel is claimed to improve the therapeutic powers of each type of crystal used to create crystal angels.

Although the usage of crystal angels is a more modern invention, people have long believed that crystals had therapeutic properties. The usage of crystals for their alleged therapeutic abilities has persisted as a common and mystical practise from ancient cultures to the present.

Crystal Angels and Spirituality

Many civilizations and spiritual traditions all over the world share the belief that crystal angels have spiritual significance. They are frequently employed for meditation and prayer and are said to aid in fostering a person's spirituality.

Hinduism has the view that crystals have a spiritual force that may help people live lives that are harmonious and in balance. Crystals are frequently used in Buddhism, where it is said that they facilitate meditation and heighten spiritual awareness.

Crystal angels are now widely used in the West for spiritual practises including chakra balance and energy healing. It is said that each type of crystal has certain qualities that, when coupled with the form of an angel, can assist balance the body's energy systems and encourage spiritual healing.

Crystal angels are also often used as a kind of guidance and protection. Some think their special qualities might aid in decision-making and offer spiritual clarity and guidance.

Overall, the usage of crystal angels in spirituality is based on the idea that they have a unique energy or vibration that may aid people in connecting with their spiritual selves and encourage inner harmony and tranquilly. Crystal angels continue to have a spiritual importance for many people all around the world, whether they are used for meditation, energy healing, or guidance.

How Crystal Angels are Made?

The most common method of creating crystal angels is to carve a piece of natural crystal into the form of an angel. Depending on the kind of crystal being used and the desired size and shape of the angel, several processes may be employed to create different crystal angels.

The choice of crystal must come first when creating a crystal angel. Amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz are a few of the popular crystal varieties utilised to create crystal angels. Following the selection of the crystal, it is frequently sliced and polished to smooth out any rough edges.

The crystal is then cut using a range of instruments, including saws and grinders, into the appropriate shape of an angel. Depending on their talent and expertise, the artist may freehand the design or follow a template.

The crystal angel is often polished to give it a smooth and lustrous appearance once the angel shape has been cut. For further spiritual impact, the angel may also have other engravings, such as symbols or face characteristics.

The process of creating a crystal angel calls for dexterity and accuracy in addition to knowledge of the traits and qualities of many crystal varieties. A crystal angel that has been finished can be utilised in a multitude of ways, such as for meditation, energy healing, or as a decorative item.

Types of Crystal Angels

There are many different sorts of crystal angels, and each form is said to have special therapeutic abilities. Here are a few typical varieties of crystal angels:

Amethyst is prized for its soothing and safeguarding qualities. It is said that an amethyst angel can help you unwind, develop your intuition, and become more spiritually conscious.

Rose Quartz Angel: Known as the stone of love, rose quartz is thought to encourage empathy, forgiveness, and emotional healing. An angel made of rose quartz is frequently used to encourage self-love, heal emotional scars, and draw love and harmony into one's life.

Clear quartz is a potent healing stone that is thought to heighten spiritual awareness, balance energy, and magnify the effects of other crystals. It is also known as the "angel of clear quartz." Chakra balance and energy healing frequently include the usage of a clear quartz angel.

Citrine Angel: Citrine is regarded as the stone of plenty and is thought to draw prosperity, money, and good vibes. A citrine angel is frequently employed for manifestation and drawing wealth and success.

Black obsidian is a protective stone that is said to absorb harmful energies and aid in emotional healing, hence the name "Black Obsidian Angel." It's common to utilise a black obsidian angel for grounding and defence.

The blue stone known as angelite is said to improve contact with angels and spirit guides. A angelite angel is frequently used to foster serenity and tranquillity, increase intuition, and establish a spiritual connection.

Overall, a person's personal wants and objectives will determine the crystal angel they choose. It is said that each kind of crystal angel has certain spiritual and therapeutic advantages.

How Crystal Angels Work for Healing?

Numerous strategies are said to be used by crystal angels to promote healing. It is said that the special therapeutic qualities of each type of crystal are enhanced by the angelic form. According to popular belief, crystal angels can promote healing in the following ways:-

Energy Balancing: It's said that each type of crystal used to create a crystal angel has a certain vibration or frequency all its own. It is thought that placing a crystal angel on or near the body will balance the energy fields and help in healing.

Chakra balancing: The body's energy centers, or chakras, are distributed throughout and each is connected to a certain facet of physical, emotional, or spiritual wellness. It is supposed to balance and cleanse the chakra and encourage healing by placing a crystal angel on or near the relevant chakra.

Meditation and Relaxation: Crystal angels can be utilised for meditation and relaxation to encourage inner calm and alleviate tension. It is said that using or holding a crystal angel during meditation can improve the practise and encourage a state of deeper tranquilly.

Spiritual Connection: Crystal angels are frequently utilised to strengthen intuition and establish a spiritual connection. During spiritual activities, holding or positioning a crystal angel is supposed to encourage a greater connection with the divine and improve intuition and spiritual awareness.

In general, it's thought that crystal angels have a certain energy or vibration that can support mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. The idea that crystal angels have healing abilities is based on this. Despite the lack of any solid scientific proof, crystal angels are nevertheless often employed in healing and spiritual ceremonies.

Benefits of Crystal Angel Healing

It is said that crystal angels have a number of advantages for healing and general wellbeing. Some of the advantages of crystal angel healing include the following:

Stress Relief: Crystal angels are frequently utilised for relaxation and stress reduction. They are said to encourage inner serenity and quiet, which can help lessen tension and anxiety.

Pain relief: It's said that many crystal varieties used to create crystal angels have therapeutic qualities that can lessen bodily pain and discomfort. They are frequently applied to different regions of the body to relieve pain and promote energy healing.

Emotional Healing: Crystal angels are frequently employed in emotional healing to aid in the discharge of repressed feelings and to foster inner healing and development. They are said to support emotional well-being and assist with emotional imbalances.

Spiritual Connection: The use of crystal angels in spiritual ceremonies is common, and they are believed to improve spiritual awareness and connection. They are widely used for spiritual practises like as prayer, meditation, and others that promote a deeper contact with God.

Chakra Balancing: The use of crystal angels in spiritual ceremonies is common, and they are believed to improve spiritual awareness and connection. They are widely used for spiritual practises like as prayer, meditation, and others that promote a deeper contact with God.

Overall, it is thought that crystal angel healing has a wide range of advantages and can support equilibrium and general well-being. Despite the lack of scientific proof for these assertions, many people still employ crystal angels as a tool for healing and wellbeing.

How to Choose the Right Crystal Angel for Your Needs?

Understanding the special qualities and therapeutic advantages of each kind of crystal is necessary to choose the ideal crystal angel for your need. The following advice will help you pick the ideal crystal angel:-

Research Crystal Properties: Research the properties and healing benefits of different types of crystals used to make crystal angels. Each type of crystal is believed to offer unique healing benefits, and understanding these properties can help you choose the right crystal angel for your needs.

Determine Your Needs:  Think about the areas in your life that you want to concentrate on healing. Are you seeking for spiritual connection, emotional healing, or stress relief? It might be easier to select the ideal crystal angel if you are aware of your unique requirements.

Follow Your Intuition: It's crucial to follow your instinct while choosing a crystal angel. Examine the crystal angel's texture in your palm. A certain crystal angel may evoke a feeling of resonance or connection in you, telling you that it is the best option for you.

Consider Your Preferences: Consider selecting a crystal angel that matches your tastes if you have a favourite colour or form. The most crucial element is the crystal's ability to cure, but having a crystal angel you connect with can increase its potency.

In general, picking the best crystal angel requires knowing your precise requirements, learning about crystal qualities, believing in your instincts, and taking your tastes into account. By using these guidelines, you may select a crystal angel that is suited to your requirements and can promote healing for your general well-being.

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Crystal Angel

It's crucial to cleanse and recharge your crystal angel in order to sustain its healing abilities. Here are a few techniques for purifying and recharging your crystal angel:

Water: Rinsing your crystal angel under running water is one of the simplest methods to clean it. Any collected bad energy or vibrations may be helped to dispel by doing this. Use water that is at normal temperature to avoid damaging any crystals, which can be harmed by very hot or very cold water.

Saltwater: Cleaning your crystal angel with saltwater is also successful. Just add a couple teaspoons of sea salt to a cup of water. In the bowl, put your crystal angel, and let it there for many hours or overnight. After the saltwater bath, be careful to rinse your crystal angel under running water.

Smudging: Smudging  is holding your crystal angel in the smoke while burning herbs like sage or palo santo. This may aid in clearing the crystal of unwanted energy. Use a fire-safe container, and take the necessary fire safety procedures.

Sunlight and Moonlight: To infuse your crystal angel with positive energy, place it in the sun or the moon. Just leave your crystal angel in a moonlight or bright spot for a few hours, being careful to keep it out of severe heat or cold.

Sound: Employing singing bowls, bells, or other instruments to produce a vibrational frequency that can drive away ill energy and encourage healing is one method of employing music to cleanse and charge your crystal angel. Hold your crystal angel close to the source of music and let the vibrations to purify and energise it.

You can make sure that your crystal angel keeps its healing abilities and functions as a powerful instrument for fostering well-being by routinely washing and charging it.

How to Use Crystal Angels for Healing

There are many methods to employ crystal angels to encourage healing and general well-being. Here are several techniques for healing using crystal angels:

Hold During Meditation: Holding a crystal angel as you meditate is one of the most popular uses for them. Focus on the crystal angel's special energy and healing abilities as you hold it in your hand or lay it on your body.

Placing crystal angels on chakras: Chakras, or the body's energy centers, can also be balanced and cleared with crystal angels. Put the crystal angel on or next to the correct chakra and picture it balancing and cleansing the energy there.

Wear as Jewelry: Crystal angels can be worn as bracelets or pendants to encourage healing and general wellbeing all day long.

Place at Home or Workspace: A crystal angel may help spread good vibes and improve the healing atmosphere in your home or place of business.

Utilization During Energy Healing: Crystal angels can be employed during Reiki or other types of energy healing treatments. To increase the therapeutic benefits of the session, the crystal angel can be placed on or close to the body.

Crystal angels may be used in a variety of ways to promote healing and general wellbeing. You may strengthen your spiritual practices, encourage inner calm, and support your general health and wellness by introducing crystal angels into your everyday routine.

Crystal Angels for Specific Conditions

Crystal angels are frequently employed to treat particular mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. Here are a few instances of crystal angels that might be employed in particular circumstances:

Stress and Anxiety: Amethyst is frequently used to relieve anxiety and tension while encouraging a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. Additionally, rose quartz is said to support emotional harmony and relaxation.

Pain Relief: Clear quartz is thought to offer therapeutic qualities that might lessen bodily pain and suffering. In many sections of the body, it is frequently utilised for energy healing and pain treatment.

Emotional Healing: Citrine is frequently used for emotional healing because it helps people let go of their bad emotions and fosters inner healing and development. It is said to aid in resolving emotional imbalances and to foster emotional wellbeing.

Sleep Disorders: In order to promote relaxation and restful sleep, labradorite is frequently used to treat sleep problems. It is thought to ease stress and calm a hyperactive mind.

These are only a few instances of crystal angels that might be applied in particular circumstances. To discover the ideal crystal angel for your unique needs, it's crucial to explore the characteristics and therapeutic advantages of several varieties of crystals. You may increase the healing effects of crystal angels and advance general well-being by employing them for particular illnesses.

Crystal Angels and Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, the positioning of things may affect the "chi" or energy flow in an area. In Feng Shui, crystal angels are frequently utilised to encourage harmony and good fortune. You may use crystal angels in your Feng Shui practise in the following ways:

Location of the Wealth Area: According to Feng Shui, the wealth area should be at a room's far left corner when facing the entrance. It is said that placing a crystal angel in this location, such as one made of citrine or pure quartz, will increase riches and prosperity.

Location of the Love and Relationship section: When facing the entrance, the love and relationship section is usually found at the far right corner of the room. A rose quartz or amethyst crystal angel, placed here, is thought to encourage love and harmony in relationships.

Place in the Health and Family Area: The health and family section is frequently found in the middle of a room. It is thought that putting a jade or aventurine crystal angel at this spot can enhance family harmony and general well-being.

Place in the Career Area: The career area is usually in the centre of a room's rear wall. It is said that placing a crystal angel at this location, such as citrine or tiger's eye, will increase career success and possibilities.

Keep in the Fame and Reputation Area: When facing the entryway, the space for renown and repute is in the centre of the rear wall. A crystal angel, such as one made of carnelian or sunstone, should be positioned here in order to improve reputation and recognition.

Overall, using crystal angels in your Feng Shui practise may encourage harmony and good energy in your home. You may increase the healing effects of these potent instruments and foster general well-being by putting crystal angels in particular locations throughout your house or place of business.

Crystal Angel Jewelry

A stunning and effective method to bring the healing powers of crystals into your daily life is through crystal angel jewellery. The following are some crystal angel jewellery varieties and their therapeutic advantages:

Crystal Angel Necklaces: Popular crystal jewellery includes angel pendant necklaces. The crystal's energy can resonant with the body's energy centres when they are worn near to the heart. Numerous crystals may be used to create crystal angel necklaces, each with special therapeutic powers.

Crystal Angel Bracelets: Another well-liked style of crystal jewellery is crystal angel bracelets. They can be worn on the wrist to allow the crystal's energy to enter the body. Multiple crystals can be used to create crystal angel bracelets, providing a mix of therapeutic advantages.

Crystal Angel Earrings: A gentle approach to bring crystal healing abilities into your daily life is with crystal angel earrings. They may be created with tiny gems that help improve your energy and attention, such amethyst or clear quartz.

Crystal Angel Rings: Each finger on the body corresponds to a distinct chakra or energy point, and crystal angel rings can be worn on any number of fingers. For instance, a ring with a rose quartz crystal, which corresponds to the heart chakra, might be worn on the ring finger to encourage love and emotional harmony.

Overall, wearing crystal angel jewellery is a lovely and practical way to benefit from the healing powers of crystals every day. There are various jewellery alternatives available, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, that may boost your energy, encourage healing, and help your general well-being.

Caring for Your Crystal Angel

In order to maintain your crystal angel's therapeutic properties and keep it in top condition, proper maintenance is necessary. Here are some guidelines for caring for your crystal angel:

Cleaning: Cleaning is a crucial step in order to get rid of any unwanted or stagnant energy that your crystal angel may have received. Your crystal angel can be purified by exposing it to daylight or moonlight, rubbing it with sage or palo santo, or setting it on a selenite crystal.

Charging: Another crucial step to enhancing your crystal angel's healing abilities is charging it. Your crystal angel can be charged by putting it in the sun or moonlight, burying it in the ground, or setting it on a selenite or clear quartz charging plate.

Handling: It's crucial to treat your crystal angel with care when handling it. Crystals are susceptible to breaking or chipping if dropped or handled carelessly. Handle your crystal angel tenderly and carefully at all times.

Storage: It's crucial to keep your crystal angel in a secure location when storing it. Your crystal angel can be kept in a box or purse, put on a shelf, or placed on an altar.

Intention: Another crucial step in taking care of your crystal angel is to set a purpose for it. You may programme your crystal angel with a specific goal or therapeutic desire by establishing an intention. By concentrating on your chosen goal while holding your crystal angel in your palm, you may establish an intention.

In order to maintain your crystal angel's therapeutic properties and keep it in top condition, proper maintenance is necessary. By following these recommendations, you can make sure that your crystal angel remains a powerful instrument for healing and health.

Common Misconceptions About Crystal Angels
Crystal angels can cure all ailments: Despite being utilised for healing for many years, crystal angels do not have a universal cure. While they may enhance general health, they shouldn't be utilised in place of medical care.

Crystal angels work instantly: While crystal angels have been utilised for healing for many years, not all illnesses may be cured by them. They shouldn't be used in place of medical care, even if they can help increase general wellbeing.

All crystals are safe to use: For some people, the healing powers of crystal angels may manifest rapidly; for others, it may take time. To experience the therapeutic effects of crystal angels, regular usage may be essential.

Crystal angels don't need to be cleansed or charged: Although most crystals are safe to use, some of them might be poisonous or irritate the skin. Before utilising the crystal, it's crucial to learn about its characteristics and treat it with care.

Crystal angels don't need to be cleansed or charged: To eliminate any bad or sluggish energy and improve the healing abilities of your crystal angel, it is crucial to cleanse and charge it. The efficacy of the crystal angel may be diminished if this step is skipped.

Crystal angels can only be used by experts: However, anyone can employ crystal angels, even if certain individuals might have greater expertise with them. It's crucial to learn about the crystal's characteristics and to have a purpose in mind before using it.

In general, it's crucial to have precise knowledge about crystal angels and their curative abilities. You may employ crystal angels for your well-being in a secure and efficient manner by being aware of these frequent fallacies.

Ethics of Crystal Angel Mining
The mining of crystals, including those used for crystal angels, is a complex issue that raises ethical concerns. Here are some key considerations when it comes to the ethics of crystal angel mining:

Environmental impact: Mining or crystals has damaging side effects on the environment, including land disturbance, soil erosion, and water contamination. It's important to choose gemstones that are appropriately supplied and have less influence on the environment.

Human rights: Human rights breaches may also be an issue with crystal mining. In certain instances, miners may not receive appropriate pay or labour rights while working in dangerous situations. Making sure that employees are treated decently and selecting stones from ethical sources are crucial.

Cultural sensitivity: Some crystals are regarded as sacred by particular civilizations, therefore it may be improper or insulting to mine or sell them. It's critical to approach the purchase and use of crystals with respect for many cultural perspectives.

Transparency: It's crucial to pick crystals whose sources are transparent and provide detailed information about their histories and mining methods. This can assist guarantee that the stones you use are produced ethically and do not support any unethical behaviour.

Overall, the morality of mining crystal angels is a complicated matter that needs serious thought and understanding. We can make sure that we are employing crystal angels in a way that is consistent with our values and beliefs by selecting crystals that are sustainably obtained and have no negative influence on the environment and human rights.

Where to Buy Crystal Angels
There are several places to buy crystal angels, both offline and online. Here are several places you may get crystal angels:

Online retailers: Online stores with a focus on crystals and crystal angels are many. Popular choices are CrystalAge, Amazon, and Etsy.

Local crystal shops: Numerous towns and cities have neighbourhood crystal stores where you may buy a wide range of crystals, including crystal angels. Another way to see and touch crystals in person is to go to a nearby crystal store.

Metaphysical stores: Crystal angels and other spiritual and therapeutic goods are frequently offered for sale at metaphysical shops. These establishments could also provide lectures or seminars on crystal healing and other subjects.

Gem and mineral shows: Vendors congregate at gem and mineral exhibitions to sell a wide range of crystals and rocks. There is frequently a large assortment of crystal angels available in these exhibits.

It's crucial to pick a trustworthy supplier who obtains their crystals professionally and ethically while buying crystal angels. Look for vendors that are upfront about their sourcing and mining practises and who give clear information about the origin and characteristics of the crystals they sell. You can be sure your crystal angels are of the highest quality and will offer the therapeutic effects you need by selecting a reputable supplier.

Crystal Angels and the Future of Alternative Medicine
Crystal angels are only one illustration of the rising popularity of complementary and alternative therapies. The future of alternative medicine is bright as more individuals turn for alternate methods of health and wellness. Here are a few ways that crystal angels and other complementary therapies are influencing the direction of healing:

Increased acceptance: Two supplementary medical practises that are gaining respect and popularity are reiki and crystal healing. As more people seek treatment and support from practitioners of alternative medicine, more hospitals and healthcare institutions are include these practises in their menu of services.

Holistic approach: Alternative medical procedures integrate care for the body, mind, and spirit to promote wellbeing. The need of addressing all elements of health and wellness is being recognised by more people, which is increasing the appeal of this approach.

Personalization: Alternative medicine frequently takes a personalised approach to healing, developing a treatment strategy in consultation with patients. As more individuals seek out personalised approaches to health and wellbeing, the importance of customization is growing.

Overall, by providing individualized, comprehensive, and successful methods to health and wellness, crystal angels and other alternative medical practises are influencing the future of healing. The future of alternative medicine is promising as individuals continue to explore for alternate methods of maintaining their health and fitness.

To sum up, crystal angels are a stunning and effective instrument for healing and spiritual development. As this essay has demonstrated, crystal angels have a long history and a range of therapeutic benefits that can enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Crystal angels have a special and timeless appeal that continues to inspire and help individuals on their healing journeys, from their roots in ancient cultures to their use today in alternative medical practises. Incorporating crystal angels into your life may be a potent way to connect with the energy and knowledge of the earth, to promote your own healing and progress, whether you are drawn to the beauty of the crystals themselves or to their potent therapeutic abilities.

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