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Opalite Crystal Angel (Communication & Expression)

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Opalite Angel

Opalite Angel figurines are used in meditation, energy healing, and chakra balancing practices to promote these healing properties. They are often placed on or near the body during energy healing sessions, and some practitioners may use them to focus their intention and visualization during meditation.

Overall, Opalite is considered to be a powerful and versatile tool for spiritual and emotional healing, as well as for enhancing intuition, psychic abilities, and spiritual growth.

Benefits Of Opalite Angel

  1. Promotes inner peace and calm: Opalite is known for its ability to promote inner peace and calmness. It is believed to help reduce anxiety, stress, and tension, and to create a soothing and calming atmosphere.
  2. Facilitates communication and self-expression: Opalit angel is thought to help with communication, especially in expressing one’s true feelings. It is said to assist with effective communication in both personal and professional relationships.
  3. Enhances psychic abilities: Opalite is believed to enhance psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. It is said to help with intuition, psychic visions, and communication with spiritual guides.
  4. Aids in spiritual growth: Opalite is thought to help with spiritual growth and development. It is said to promote a deeper connection with one’s higher self, leading to greater insight and understanding of oneself and the world.
  5. Assists with transitions and new beginnings: Opalite is believed to assist with transitions, changes, and new beginnings. It is said to help one let go of the past and embrace new opportunities and possibilities.

Overall, Opalite is considered to be a powerful tool for emotional and spiritual healing, as well as for personal growth and development. It is often used in meditation, energy healing, and chakra balancing practices to promote these benefits.

How To Use Opalite Angel?

Opalite angel is a crystal that is believed to have a range of healing properties, and there are several ways to use it for healing and spiritual purposes. Here are some ways to use Opalite for healing:

  1. Carry it with you: You can carry a small piece of Opalite in your pocket, purse, or wear it as a pendant to keep its energy close to you throughout the day.
  2. Use it in meditation: Hold an Opalite in your hand during meditation or place it on your third eye chakra to enhance spiritual awareness and intuition.
  3. Place it in your environment: You can place Opalite around your home or office to create a peaceful and calming environment. You can also place them in your bedroom to promote restful sleep.
  4. Use it in energy healing: Place Opalite angel near the body during energy healing sessions to promote emotional and spiritual healing.
  5. Combine it with other crystals: You can combine Opalite with other crystals to enhance its healing properties. For example, you can use it with Amethyst to enhance intuition or with Rose Quartz for emotional healing.

It’s important to note that while Opalite is believed to have healing properties, it is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any health concerns, you should always consult with a medical professional.

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