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Clear Spathic Mahavir Swami God Idol (Focus for Meditation & Prayers)

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Clear Spathic Mahavir Swami God Idol:

Mahavir Swami, also known as Lord Mahavir, is the 24th Tirthankara in Jainism. Tirthankaras are considered divine figures in Jainism who have attained liberation and serve as spiritual guides for Jain followers. Mahavir Swami is particularly revered for his teachings on non-violence (ahimsa), truthfulness, compassion, and self-discipline.

Benefit’s Of Clear Spathic Mahavir Swami God Idol:

The benefits of having a Clear Spathic Mahavir Swami God idol can vary depending on individual beliefs and practices. Mahavir Swami, also known as Lord Mahavir

  • Inspiration for Spiritual Practice: The presence of the idol can serve as a constant reminder of the values and teachings of Lord Mahavir, encouraging individuals to practice non-violence, truthfulness, and compassion in their daily lives.
  • Focus for Meditation and Prayers: Many people use idols as focal points for meditation and prayers. The idol of Mahavir Swami can serve as a focal point for Jain devotees to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with the teachings of Mahavir Swami.
  • Improved Focus during Worship: A visually appealing idol can help devotees maintain focus during worship and meditation sessions. The idol’s beauty can captivate the mind, making it easier for individuals to concentrate on their spiritual practices and connect with the divine.
  • Promotes Emotional Well-being: The presence of an aesthetically pleasing Mahavir Swami idol can evoke feelings of peace, joy, and emotional well-being among devotees. Its beauty and serenity can create a calming atmosphere, providing solace during times of stress or hardship.

Where To Place The Clear Spathic Mahavir Swami God Idol ?

  • North or East Direction: In Hindu and Jain traditions, the north or east direction is considered auspicious for placing religious idols. If possible, consider placing the Mahavir Swami idol facing either the north or east direction within the shrine or altar. This orientation is believed to invite positive energy and blessings into the space.
  • Personal Connection and Intuition: Trust your personal connection and intuition when deciding where to place the Mahavir Swami idol. You may feel drawn to a particular spot in your home where you sense a strong spiritual presence or resonance.
  • Family Consultation: Involve other family members in the decision-making process regarding the placement of the Mahavir Swami idol. Solicit their input and preferences to ensure that everyone feels connected to and comfortable with the chosen location.
  • Integration with Daily Activities: Place the Mahavir Swami idol in a location where it can serve as a constant reminder of Jain principles and values throughout your daily activities. Incorporate moments of reflection, gratitude, and reverence into your routine as you pass by or interact with the idol.


Length – 3 cm | Width – 6 cm | Height – 8 cm | Weight – 120 Gr To 150 Gr (Approx)

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