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Engraved Sri Yantra Selenite Charging Plate (Cleansing Energy & Recharging Crystals)

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Sri Yantra Selenite Charging Plate

Meet the Sri Yantra selenite plate: a special tool to boost the energy of your favorite items. Think of it as a battery charger for your crystals and jewelry. The Sri Yantra design is like a spiritual map for balance and unity, while selenite, often called “liquid light,” naturally boosts energy. Together, they make a super-charged plate to refresh and empower your cherished items. It’s a mix of ancient design and nature’s energy, all in one handy plate. Simply place your items on it, and let the plate do the magic!

Benefits Of Sri Yantra Selenite Charging Plate

  1. Energetic Boost: The selenite plate, often referred to as “liquid light”, helps refresh and recharge your crystals and jewelry.

  2. Harmony & Balance: Sri Yantra, an ancient symbol, promotes harmony, spiritual growth, and unity. Combined with selenite, it aids in balancing energies around and within.

  3. Enhanced Meditation: The sacred geometry of the Sri Yantra can heighten the depth of meditation sessions and foster inner peace.

  4. Protection: Many believe that selenite wards off negative energy. Having this plate in your space can act as a protective shield.

  5. Clearing & Cleansing: The natural properties of selenite help in clearing energy blockages, making it great for cleansing your aura or environment.

Place your cherished items on this plate, be it crystals, jewelry, or spiritual tools, and experience an uplift in their vibes. It’s like giving them a spa day, rejuvenating and enhancing their energy.

How To Use Sri Yantra Selenite Charging Plate

  1. Placement: Find a calm space in your home, preferably in an area you frequently use for meditation or relaxation. Ensure the plate sits on a flat surface.

  2. Cleanse First: Before you start, it’s a good idea to cleanse the plate. You can do this by waving it through sage smoke or placing it under the moonlight for a night.

  3. Charge Items: Gently place the crystals, jewelry, or spiritual tools you wish to charge on the plate. Let them sit for a few hours to overnight.

  4. Meditation Aid: Sit in front of the plate during your meditation sessions. Focus on the Sri Yantra pattern, letting it guide your meditation and deepen your focus.

  5. Refresh: Every once in a while, it’s beneficial to cleanse your charging plate again to maintain its effectiveness.

  6. Mindfulness: Whenever you place or retrieve items from the plate, do so with intention. Think about the cleansing and charging process and what it means to you.

  7. Regular Charging: Make it a habit to place your spiritual tools or jewelry on the plate regularly, ensuring they are always energetically vibrant.

Remember, the Sri Yantra Selenite Charging Plate works best when you engage with it intentionally, recognizing the power of both the Sri Yantra symbol and the selenite crystal.


Length – 10 cm | Width- 3 cm | Height – 10 cm | Weight – 100Gr(Approx)

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